in regards to Wicked Witch Boy

I think people should know that I’m not being dramatic or something. I took Wicked Witch Boy down because a startling number of people keep buying it, and I know I need to revise it yet again. I don’t want to keep selling something that needs editing, so until I get to it, it’ll stay down.

I wish I hadn’t asked anyone to read it, but I only asked one person so I guess it’s not a big deal. They read it and never cared enough to review it, so I’ll assume they hated it and leave it at that.

The truth is, I may never put the book back up. I don’t know. If I didn’t live under a rock and knew how popular YA was, I probably would have taken my time publishing that book. I had no idea people would actually buy it without me having to do a lick of marketing. Too bad I just don’t write much young adult.

Also, I think the cover is shit and the font needs to be adjusted. So there’s that.

Maybe the sad reality is the book is only selling well because a boy is the lead character. Which is really fucking dumb. If I went back and made Toby a girl, the book would be exactly the same as it is right now.  Only . . . the title wouldn’t make sense.

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here’s how quinn (and all the entirian) looks to me

Finished Chapter 9 of SoA tonight (4/12/2017). Also, I found a picture of what I imagine Quinn looks like. (You’d have to come to my wordpress to see it, though.)

Chapter 9 is the chapter where Quinn is at boot camp and has to earn everyone’s respect there. It was actually a very difficult chapter to write because it gave me some unpleasant flashbacks and I had to stop writing it for a bit.

I did enjoy writing most of it, though. The only part that really sucked was the scene where Quinn finally earns everyone’s respect. It didn’t . . . resonate with me, so I doubt it’ll resonate with readers, even though it’s supposed to be a powerful and defining moment for Quinn. I just didn’t . . . pull it off. I’m thinking that scene will need many rewrites or else I’ll have to come up with a different idea.

Right now, I feel like SoA can be explained this way: the first half of the book is sex, gender, and sexuality, the second half of the book is friendship, family, blood and gore.

It’s like that because the book begins when Quinn is still a teenager and is getting her weird alien period and exploring her sexuality. Also, Ckylar and General Miora both give Quinn “the talk” since her mother Rose is not there.

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