Jump on my Blog Tour and Get a Free eCopy of The Thieves of Nottica (sorry, that’s all I got)

Haha. The banner looks bad because I ripped it from a document, but I couldn’t help myself. It was so purdy. I wanted it . . .

I’m going on a blog tour with Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours next week, and I’m offering a free ecopy of The Thieves of Nottica.

I wish I could give something better than that, but this blog tour caught me unawares (I did not know I would be picked out of the hat) so I don’t currently have a paperback edition in my hand to give away or a free bookmark or anything (though I did make some swag on Zazzle, I don’t currently have it in my hand to ship to people).

I wish I did. I’ve yet to buy a proof copy of Thieves to be honest. I need to buy a copy to make sure the chapter dividers don’t get blurred when the book is printed. Also, I was thinking of changing the chapter dividers (again) because the current “key” themed dividers look dumb.

If I do a giveaway this year, it will be a signed copy of The Thieves of  Nottica and I doubt I’ll be able to give away more than a few because I’m poor dammit. And do you know how much shipping books costs? I understand the importance of doing giveaways, but I have to eat first.

If I do a signed copy giveaway this year, all the money I made off my books will fund it. So whenever you buy a copy from me, you’re contributing to my giveaway funds.

Additionally, let me apologize for Wicked Witch Boy. I went back and revised the second chapter last night. It leaves me with the feeling that I should never have published something so old that I wrote so long ago when I was typing with green thumbs, but I have nostalgia for the story, there are worse things in print (traditionally), and I figured it would entertain someone, somewhere. I will continue to revise it when I have the time. Again, forgive me.

Morganith: Beauty is a Curse

In The Thieves of Nottica, I deliberately used the appearance of each of the three main characters — Rigg, Hari, and Morganith — to make a subtle statement about beauty and appearance.

Rigg is ugly but actually loves herself. I did this on purpose, because to me, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is not “mainstream magazine” beautiful and yet loves herself unapologetically and even defiantly. This woman, even though she is considered ugly, will wear nice things, flowers, jewelry, and carry herself with confidence. This woman, even though she is considered ugly, will not be so insecure that she treats attractive women poorly. Because this woman loves herself enough to love others as well. That’s Rigg.

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