The Harvest *Cast Sketches*

Some sketches I did of the main cast in The Harvest. 

If you’re on Goodreads or Amazon, you have to come to my wordpress to see the image (I can’t draw anyway so it’s probably not worth it).

Gonna stick this inside the book.

POQ Sketches

Yes, I drew Thalcu’s dong.  Cazell also has a vagina because Zonbiri are like . . .  mermaid/seahorse/squid people. Their breeding methods and genitalia are based on seahorses (because seahorses are magical, dammit).

Everyone in the picture is an alien. It occurs to me that there were zero humans in this one . . . lol. There won’t be any humans in the third book either . . . Well, maybe one. 

As I mention inside the book itself, zonbiri are little people and entirian are very tall. Quinn is only a teenager in The Harvest so she’s about as tall as Mercy (who is an adult drasian). At an older age, she would be taller.