Rick and Morty S3 Premiere Was Fucking Awesome

So I just sat down and watched the Rick and Morty season 3 premiere (by the way, this is currently my favorite show ever) and you know how everyone — including myself — spent the last few years hypothesizing that Rick’s motivation was to avenge his dead family?

Back in 2014-15ish I made this long rambling internet post about how I believed Rick had actually lost his original family and come to the current family from a different timeline, taking the place of another dead Rick. Thus, Beth thought he had been “gone for years” never dreaming that he was, in fact, dead and that the Rick who showed up was an imposture.

I even went so far as to guess that the original Rick died in the intergalactic war and lost his family (Beth, Summer, baby Morty). Not on this blog, though. Somewhere else.

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