Yes, Virginia. People are BORN queer. (and there is a santa claus)

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I recently had the great misfortune of stumbling across a blog — here on wordpress, no less — where a bunch of ignorant people sat around talking about how homosexuality is wrong and a learned behavior and should not be a part of “diversity” when we talk about diverse books.

What’s interesting is that all the people who commented claimed they don’t hate gay people and even wanted to include gay people in their stories. They see us as people with a mental disorder that needs fixing. They don’t want to hurt us, they say.

Except invalidating someone’s sexuality is hurting them and you are wrong.

They’re like those racists who swear they aren’t racist but who see black people as inferiors who can’t help being inferior. It’s wrong to hate our inferiors. People can’t help being lowly scum, right? The kind thing to do is to teach them to be better! And by “better” we mean “like us!”

I think I’m going to hurl. . . . my car at someone’s head.

It’s very curious how people can be hateful and discriminatory bigots, all under the delusion that they mean no harm. Benevolent bigotry is still bigotry. It stems from ignorance, just like every other form of hatred. Maybe you don’t think you hate gay people, but telling someone they’re disgusting and wrong and excluding them from discussions about diversity and invalidating who and what they are is hateful. 

It’s hatred.

And you know why you think that way? You know why you think homosexuality is wrong? Because you were taught to think that way. See, you’re the one following instructions. Not me.

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Why I use the word “queer,” and, no, I’m not transgender (sorry?)

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I am what transpeople would refer to as “cisgender.”

For people who are scratching their heads, a cisgender woman is someone whose gender is the same both biologically and mentally. So, a cisgender woman has the body of a woman and the brain of a woman.

It basically means “not transgender.”

I felt the burning need to announce this because I don’t want to accidentally take someone else’s voice. I don’t want people mistaking me for someone else or thinking that I’m pretending to be someone else. I’m not. I wear a dragon mask to protect myself from various forms of prejudice but facing discrimination as a non-binary person is not my experience.

Sorry to disappoint you, I’m just a lowly cisgender woman. My gender is female, my sex is female. I write about non-binary people simply because I want to. There’s no agenda behind it. They’re people too, so I write about them. And because I write lots of aliens, I imagine a lot of aliens would be viewed as non-binary by humans simply because they are so biologically and culturally different. I.e. Morganith from The Thieves of Nottica: her entire race is intersex but I doubt she sees herself as “non-binary.”

As I mentioned in an interview, the zonbiri (amphibious aliens) from The Prince of Qorlec have women who all have penises because they’re like seahorses. And yet, because zonbiri women have penises and still claim to be female (neither sex has breasts because — amphibious), humans would view them as non-binary — when on their planet, women having penises is considered binary. See what I did there?


(If you’re on goodreads or amazon, you’re missing the meme here)

I enjoy exploring culture and gender, sexuality and perception because I’ve always been fascinated by people. I even majored in anthropology for a while in college and I enjoyed studying culture for a few years . . . until my college courses kept forcing me into the company of racist, elitist professors.

The point is, I’m not trans or intersex. I call myself “queer” because stating you’re anything beyond gay or lesbian means opening yourself up to prejudice from both straight people and gay people, who are always so quick to invalidate your feelings or tell you your sexuality doesn’t even exist. I enjoy using “queer” to just let people know I’m not straight so I can get the fuck on with my life.

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