Welcome to My FUBAR’D Life (read this if I recently contacted you)

So last weekend I managed to fubar my computer’s registry beyond repair. Fubar as in Fucked Up Beyond All Repair. Of course, the “R” can also stand for “Reason.”

I messed up the registry so badly that I’m going to have to do a clean reinstall of Windows 10 — or Windows 8.1, since 10 was a free update. I’ll probably be able to reinstall the free Windows update using the Media Installation Tool. I bought a usb copy because I can’t burn the free tool for myself at the moment, and honestly, such a disc should be given with the computer. I shouldn’t have to spend extra money to reinstall something I already bought (as in Windows 8, not 10). Whatever happened to a computer actually coming with physical software discs?

While I did backup a lot of my writing — including The Prince of Qorlec and its book covers — I’m still going to lose a shitload of stuff. So much stuff, I can’t even deal right now.

Just know that I’m very very depressed.

I was so happy and content prior to this happening, that as soon as it happened I thought, “There must be a god somewhere and they just don’t want me to be happy.”

Because some stupid shit like this always happens when I’m happy. Nothing in my life can ever just go right. 

To be perfectly honest, I was thinking for a long time of just quitting. As in writing. As in Kindle. As in the whole she-bang. I been thinking of just saying “fuck it” and not bothering anymore. And because I love lists, here is a list of reasons why:

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why the entirian don’t shave their armpits (and also why I hate amazon)

In book 3 of The Prince of Qorlec, it’s mentioned that entirian women mostly wear bras for sports/fighting but normally don’t wear them, nor do they shave their legs and pits.

I’ve been thinking about this and thought I should share my thought-process behind what I did.

Because entirian society is supposed to be the mirror opposite of human society, I realized while writing The Suns of Anarchy that entirian women should probably have zero beauty standards.  This wasn’t an attempt to be feminist. This was an attempt to keep consistent with my established lore while also building a fictional culture that makes perfect sense within its confines.

It makes perfect sense because it’s the dominate, ruling class that often sets beauty standards, and because Qorlec is matriarchal, I can’t imagine their women setting standards that are oppressive to them and teach their daughters self-hate from a young age.

As a result, they have no beauty standards. Women can choose to wear bras or not wear bras and no one cares. Etcetera and so forth.

But because the men are also oppressed, there have clearly been standards set for them. We see this through Ckylar, Quinn’s husband, who is expected to have a nice chest, stomach, and back, and is also treated like a piece of meat for the duration of his life, until Quinn shows up on Anarchy and he is chosen to marry her.

At their wedding, Ckylar must once again conform to male standards of beauty, femininity, and purity and is slightly drunk because he is unhappy. I wish I had gone more into his psyche regarding his oppressive life on Qorlec and later on Anarchy. Maybe it’s something I can elaborate on in Book 4.

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unpopular opinion: the mummy 2 ruined evelyn carnahan

I loved The Mummy franchise growing up — except 3. I never saw 3 and I don’t know anyone who liked it.

I’ve always loved The Mummy because it’s a combination of all my favorite things: action, adventure, magic, comedy, and romance.

I love those sorts of stories, so those are the stories I write. But today I realized that Evelyn’s character (as well as the lore of the series) was actually ruined for me by the sequel. (I honestly think they went too far with the reincarnation crap in the second film, but that’s me.)

Don’t get me wrong. The Mummy 2 is hilarious and I actually love it. It’s okay to love things that are problematic, so long as we can recognize that they’re problematic without turning into assholes and attacking people who don’t agree with us that our favoritest movie is utterly infallible.

So what’s wrong with The Mummy 2? Eve’s femininity is handwaved in favor of masculinity.

I . . . hate that.

It sends a message that femininity is bad, wrong, and inferior. To gain cool points, women have to kick ass? Um . . . how about no?

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and the beat goes on

I thought I should write something so that people won’t think I threw myself into the canal three days ago. That quote on my Goodreads page is a(n unfortunate) joke — I don’t even have a garage. Or any rope.

As I’ve said on my “about me” page, this blog is where I come to vent. I know that blogs are supposed to be informative and entertaining and all that crap. I’m suppose to write dissertations about why Buffy is problematic or why grimdark fiction is overrated or why science fiction today is X,Y, and Z.

Instead I’m ranting about my stories being hard to get reviews (I think Amazon even deleted some of them, those bastards) and bitching on occasion about my shitty life. But if people want to be entertained, they can just read one of my books. That’s what they’re for.

Feel free to jump to tl;dr

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burnt out, bummed out, and just out

Have written to page 113, four chapters in of Light-year Lion (#lion girl), which is Book 4 in The Prince of Qorlec (#girl prince).

I barely got any writing done. I usually average about thirty pages a day — meaning, I write one chapter a day because the goal with every chapter is 30 pages.

I didn’t get many written today. Maybe ten. Today was just not a happy day. I write more when I’m happier and not distracted by anything else.

I think Light-year Lion might be longer than the other books because the lore has been expanded, there are more characters, so more POV chapters, and Quinn’s journey to build an army is something that will come into play in Book 5, which right now is called Moon Fire. So to set the stage for all that, Book 4 might have to be long. Which means it’ll take longer to write.

Right now I’ve finally gotten to the part where Quinn is about to escape Vorgvon, the detainment prison for entirian prisoners on Kahz. It’s gonna be a fun chapter to write. We get a robot in this book (again) only this time the robot is on the protagonist’s side.

This book is also a little more heartbreaking, as even more characters die.

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