Hope You Liked Qorth (and if you hated it, at least it was free)

This is the last day Qorth is free, then it goes back to having that 2.99 barrier that no one seems to want to get past. I hope people who read it enjoyed it. I hope people who did or didn’t enjoy it still feel a blazing desire to let the world know. I want people to talk about Qorth. A book that is talk-worthy has fucking achieved something. If no one talks about Qorth, then it achieved nothing, because it didn’t even grab you enough to make you say it sucked. I just realized I don’t care.

I’ve been doing some reading, and the hatred  for self-published books runs deeper than I ever realized. So I see why people wouldn’t want to risk even three dollars buying Qorth. People are afraid of bad formatting, bad editing, poorly structured stories and just all-around bad storytelling.

I get it. I’m a reader too. I know what it’s like to get stuck with a book on your shelf that you can’t get rid of. Once you buy a book, it’s realllly hard to get rid of it again. Selling it online sucks because shipping costs so much nowadays. I think I believed in miracles the day I found a Bookman’s. I mean, a book store that let’s you buy and trade books? Holy shit.

And because most writers are either awful at the craft or awful people or — lord help us — both combined, I’m often hesitant to read someone I don’t know. This is why giveaways and free promotions are such useful tools: it gives an author a chance to gain an audience’s trust free of charge.

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Walla Walla Ding Dong

Two points if you can guess what that title is a reference to.

So Qorth is going to be free tomorrow for five days! Woot!

These will be my last rantings before I take a nice vacation.

I still plan to check my email occasionally, though. Rest assured. Also, if you are from the paranormal club on Goodreads and wanted to promote me for your chance at the draw, your best bet is to send me a private message and I will get back to you. Same applies to anyone who wants an ARC.

All that being said, I’mma share a secret with you.

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Self-Inserts and I

So I been thinking about this since yesterday, when I came across a very disgusting, hateful conversation about female writers. Some of the merry misogynists accused female writers of always self-inserting and focusing on themselves (because god forbid a woman should fantasize or dream).

I mean, it’s not as if men didn’t use fictional characters to fantasize about themselves in fantasy settings — Batman, Superman, Geralt the Witcher is just Sapkowski, Bilbo Baggins is obviously Tolkien, Tim Burton lives vicariously through Johnny Deep, and every fucking video game character protagonist ever is there so men can insert themselves in juvenile fantasies where they are powerful and handsome and all the womenz want them. These men are focusing — gasp! — on themselves entirely, and these are just a few examples.

Men do it too. There’s nothing wrong with a writer fantasizing and self-inserting so long as it’s done well. Of course, there’s no reasoning with misogynists. Their hatred of women will lead them to believe that women can do nothing right. It’s the same for racists and homophobes. Hatred is the same in all its ugly forms: it’s irrational and it’s taught. And it’s taught to uphold a status quo so that one group stays in power.

But anyway. The real point of my post is that I don’t have any self-inserts, though I’m sure people who read my books think otherwise.

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In case you didn’t get it, The Hunger Games are real

This post isn’t really about The Hunger Games, and I’ve never read those books. I just mention it as an example to make my point further down.

So as if I weren’t depressed enough this week (and “depressed” is really an exaggeration. I’m more functional-normal-sad), Qorth got rejected by Ereader News.

I think there were plenty of legitimate reasons, though.

For one, they only take full length novels. Qorth is a novella (I didn’t read the fineprint).

For two, they hate erotica. Qorth has one explicit sex scene – gasp!

For three, they only like high quality covers. Qorth has an iffy cover at best.

But it was a rejection just the same. As hard as I’ve been working to put Qorth out there before it’s first free promotion, being denied by even one website puts a dent in my efforts.

So, being all sad, I went to the Wattpad forums to amuse myself. People on Wattpad seem to spend all their time shitting on YA fiction and mocking what teens like to read. This one guy gave a scathing description of YA science fiction, stating that most of it was about teenagers fighting evil and corrupt governments, because youngins misguidedly see society as an evil and corrupt force they must battle.

His/her comment made me think of not only Qorth but also The Thieves of Nottica, in which a group of underdog aliens have formed a professional thieving service in order to defy an on oppressive human government.

The problem with this opinion is that it handwaves the fact that the government isn’t looking out the best interests of the people and it is in fact a force to be reckoned with. Economic and social oppression is indeed a thing, my friends. Please stop acting like it’s just a gimmick for teenage fiction.

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BOOM! Take THAT Kindle!

Tonight I went through Qorth and manually (painfully, slowly) removed all the dreaded tabs that were destroying my precious kindle formatting. The book should now show up in Kindle correctly.

If ONLY I knew about tabs and how they can mess up kindle files BEFORE I tried marketing my books. Every time I think of all the book bloggers who likely opened my book in Kindle and found a mess . . . I die a little inside.

My books aren’t that horribly formatted. They mostly have bad tabs. With Qorth finished, now I’ll have to set aside time to reformat the other four (sigh) books.

But this is great news. I finally figured out what works. And my formatting was mostly messed up because I was using an online converter to create mobi files from pdfs files, which was only screwing my formatting even more.

I started using Mobipocket creator to make mobis from prc files and life is good again.