you tried to hack me? how cute

I’m not going to schedule this post, so it’s going up in real time, out of order with my scheduled posts. I don’t care.

You know that saying “don’t poke a sleeping dragon in the eye?” Yeah. Fuck with me, hackers. We’ll see how this goes for you.

To explain my rambling, someone tried to hack into my old Outlook email. Someone in California. Outlook was kind enough to tell me and I changed my password to something really long and really hard (snort).

This must be the same person who’s been stalking me since I joined Goodreads, trying to scam me out of money with their “book promotion.” I’m guessing they didn’t like it when I told them to fuck off in that old post of mine, so they tried to hack me, in which case they can still fuck off.

In other news, I finished Chapter 5 of The Suns of Anarchy bk3 from PoQ tonight, which is about Thalcu’s imprisonment in a POW camp. She gets separated from Varzo and Mercy, so the next chapter will be about Varzo and Mercy slaving in the prison picking beans and getting whipped and the trouble they get into (right now, some murder is involved).

The side plot I made for the side characters is pretty interesting (at least to me) and I feel kinda crappy that my side characters are still more interesting than Quinn, the friggin main character.

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stories within stories

Just finished Chapter 12 (4/4/2017 — time machine post) and the reason why Quinn’s bloodline has “magic powers” is explained.

The chapter is pretty hilarious (to me, anyway) because the three main characters of the series — Quinn, Thalcu, and Varzo — are all (currently) teenagers who spend the truck ride bitching and bickering and pouting (because they’re riding off to certain death) and poor Zita has to play babysitter and tell a story to calm them all down.

She tells the story of how Quinn’s ancestor obtained certain abilities that she then passed down to her children, who later became the rulers of Qorlec.

I realized one thing today as I was writing it: I really love telling stories within stories.

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humorless and humorous

Revised Chapter 7 of The Harvest today (not really, this is a scheduled post that will pop up next week) and I realized that I enjoy making Quinn from The Prince of Qorlec and Cricket/Nineveh from A Time of Darkness polar opposites in temperament.

Cricket isn’t funny. In fact, because she becomes so bitter and grim, she gets less and less cheery as the books progress, and it’s the people around her, her friends who are funny.

Meanwhile, Quinn is funny because it’s supposed to be remarkable that someone who was a prisoner of war for twelve years and suffered such torture and humiliation would not only maintain a sense of humor but also maintain compassion for other people. Quinn comes out of imprisonment without racism, while Varzo — who becomes her best friend later — is the exact opposite and is always quick to form biases because she has been hardened (or let herself become hardened) by the world.

Quinn’s sense of humor isn’t a coping mechanism either. It’s just a part of her personality, a joyous part of her spirit that refuses to die, even in the darkest times of her life. And if her joy ever threatens to dwindle, she’s got Thalcu there to support her.

It’ll be interesting trying to figure out how Quinn deals with sadness when she is separated from Thalcu. After book 3 — according to the current outline — she won’t be seeing Thalcu for quite a while.

Interview: I Heart Reading

Here is an interview I did with the blog I Heart Reading, and I decided to share it on my blog because I don’t really believe it’s going to make it on their blog.  I got kinda ranty and I stated some things that a lot of people wouldn’t agree with. But I like some of the answers I gave in regards to A Time of Darkness, so I want to share them here.

Also, these are my opinions on a book (the Witcher) which I am allowed to haveand because I don’t feel like arguing about my opinions (this is not a forum, sorry) I am turning comments off on this entry.

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Walla Walla Ding Dong

Two points if you can guess what that title is a reference to.

So Qorth is going to be free tomorrow for five days! Woot!

These will be my last rantings before I take a nice vacation.

I still plan to check my email occasionally, though. Rest assured. Also, if you are from the paranormal club on Goodreads and wanted to promote me for your chance at the draw, your best bet is to send me a private message and I will get back to you. Same applies to anyone who wants an ARC.

All that being said, I’mma share a secret with you.

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Self-Inserts and I

So I been thinking about this since yesterday, when I came across a very disgusting, hateful conversation about female writers. Some of the merry misogynists accused female writers of always self-inserting and focusing on themselves (because god forbid a woman should fantasize or dream).

I mean, it’s not as if men didn’t use fictional characters to fantasize about themselves in fantasy settings — Batman, Superman, Geralt the Witcher is just Sapkowski, Bilbo Baggins is obviously Tolkien, Tim Burton lives vicariously through Johnny Deep, and every fucking video game character protagonist ever is there so men can insert themselves in juvenile fantasies where they are powerful and handsome and all the womenz want them. These men are focusing — gasp! — on themselves entirely, and these are just a few examples.

Men do it too. There’s nothing wrong with a writer fantasizing and self-inserting so long as it’s done well. Of course, there’s no reasoning with misogynists. Their hatred of women will lead them to believe that women can do nothing right. It’s the same for racists and homophobes. Hatred is the same in all its ugly forms: it’s irrational and it’s taught. And it’s taught to uphold a status quo so that one group stays in power.

But anyway. The real point of my post is that I don’t have any self-inserts, though I’m sure people who read my books think otherwise.

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