the classic (and new) powerpuff girls is actually — unfortunately — pretty wince-worthy

I’m not talking in terms of the old animation or the jokes. I’m talking about the unfortunate subtext throughout the show’s — for lack of a better word — narrative.


In fact, looking back on the classic show now, it smacks very much of the sort of non-intersectional, racist, white feminism that pervades our society today. Three “perfect” white girls screaming about girl power while beating up on stereotypes of ethnic minorities and minorities in general — hillbillies (fuzzy lumpkins), people of color (gang green gang), queer people (Him), and other– namely Jewish — women who try to have power (Princess Morbucks) or express their sexuality in a way that is queer and not submissive to men (Sedusa) with as much blood and violence as possible.


And, of course, the only villains who can possibly beat the PPG are the Rowdy Rough Boys.

Because white males are superior to everyone else, basically.

I stumbled on this post here tonight after I decided I wanted to read about the new PPG reboot and see if it was any good. What I found? The reboot is crap. One episode openly mocked transgender people, then after being criticized for it, released a horrific episode about a pony that wanted to be a unicorn. People thought it was the show’s well-meaning attempt to make up for being transphobic jerks in the past, but I think it was a malicious mockery of transgender people from bitter creators who don’t like being called out on their bigotry.

It was just so mean, full of dick jokes and shit about operations, hidden behind a thin veil of supposed good intentions fed to us through the sweet mouth of innocent wide-eyed Bubbles.

Apparently, Bubbles — sweet and kind as she is — has always been used to make the most disturbingly prejudiced commentary on the shows, both old and new.

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Of Mice and Men: Misogyny Then and Now


Couldn’t sleep because I had bad allergies. I mean, it was so bad, I kept sneezing non-stop. So I started watching one of my favorite films Of Mice and Men, and for some reason, I decided to look up discussions about it online.

I found this discussion here.

What’s interesting about the discussion is that people keep alluding to sexism as if it were over and women weren’t still second-class citizens.

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Welcome to My FUBAR’D Life (read this if I recently contacted you)

So last weekend I managed to fubar my computer’s registry beyond repair. Fubar as in Fucked Up Beyond All Repair. Of course, the “R” can also stand for “Reason.”

I messed up the registry so badly that I’m going to have to do a clean reinstall of Windows 10 — or Windows 8.1, since 10 was a free update. I’ll probably be able to reinstall the free Windows update using the Media Installation Tool. I bought a usb copy because I can’t burn the free tool for myself at the moment, and honestly, such a disc should be given with the computer. I shouldn’t have to spend extra money to reinstall something I already bought (as in Windows 8, not 10). Whatever happened to a computer actually coming with physical software discs?

While I did backup a lot of my writing — including The Prince of Qorlec and its book covers — I’m still going to lose a shitload of stuff. So much stuff, I can’t even deal right now.

Just know that I’m very very depressed.

I was so happy and content prior to this happening, that as soon as it happened I thought, “There must be a god somewhere and they just don’t want me to be happy.”

Because some stupid shit like this always happens when I’m happy. Nothing in my life can ever just go right. 

To be perfectly honest, I was thinking for a long time of just quitting. As in writing. As in Kindle. As in the whole she-bang. I been thinking of just saying “fuck it” and not bothering anymore. And because I love lists, here is a list of reasons why:

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the book scene is currently a mess

My mother recently made a visit to our hometown. She had been away going-on ten years now and wanted to make the trip before she was too old to keep traveling. I asked her to visit some of my favorite bookstores for me, privately owned venues I used to frequent when I was a kid. She did, and what she found was . . . discouraging.

Having been situated in the desert equivalent of the boondocks for eight years, I wasn’t aware that physical books were dying as a medium. I know to say they are dying is a bit of an exaggeration. There are still many people who read physical books (I am one) and who buy them. But privately owned book stores are suffering as a result of the ebook craze and powerhouses like Amazon, who aggressively seek to crush all competition with programs like Kindle Select.

When my mother went to my favorite bookstores, she called and told me there were hardly any books on the shelves. One store only had ONE shelf of books.

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can’t wait to drop kindle select, no more free promotions, no more bullshit

I find myself kind of hating Amazon more and more.

Yesterday, I decided to unenroll all my books from Kindle Select because — more often than not — people will borrow a book for free from the Kindle library and then never read it. And depending on how long or short the book is, when they do read it, I make less money than I would have if they’d just bought it in the first place.

It’s also really dumb that people can return books. You can read someone’s book, then get your money back. You get to read someone’s hard work for free. Why? You can’t buy a physical book, read it, and then return it. But apparently, you can do that with Kindle books because Amazon doesn’t give a shit about their authors.

This is what I meant when I said a while back that writers are the only creatives who people seem to feel perfectly justified treating like shit.

I am basically getting ripped off. For all my hard work, Kindle Select would have me earn pennies. The system *only* works if people actually read your book through to the end and if your book is actually long enough to make more than the amount you would have gotten had they just bought it.

That’s really shitty.

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