How to Approach A Dragon (about me)

1. Approach with a barbecued cow carcass, roasted at a steady temperature of . . . just kidding.

Made You Look




Welcome to my blog. I’m Ash Gray, indie author at the good ol’ Kindle store, and this is basically where I come to vent and ramble. Sometimes I vent more than I ramble because, all evidence to the contrary, I am a human being with feelings and I just need to let off steam. As a result, the comments are off here a lot of the time, but you can still talk to me over on Goodreads.

*erases half this post and stuffs madness back in hat* YOU ARE MAKING ME LOOK BAD.


Most of the time, however, I come here to write about my stories, provide insight and updates, and ponder the writing process.

I’ve been writing for years. I did the math (to make sure I can remember my own age) and I’ve been writing for twenty years. I also have a BA in English Lit, and I’ve read a shit-ton of books — most of which were utter crap, so I won’t bother posting them on Goodreads (like I need to be flamed for stating that I don’t like a book. I’ll pass on that).

For the record, my young adult and children’s books will always be less than 2 bucks (Suffer the little children come unto me) while the first book in every series I write will be permafree (eventually). I recently discovered that Amazon will zap you with a bolt of lightning if you make a book permafree. Seems Masta Zon won’t let us indie authors do nothin’.

Most writers are batshit insane in a bad, bad way. A bad, stalk-you-home-way. I’m not.

First, I don’t have enough self-esteem to be hurt by a bad review (lofuckingl) so if you are worried about me coming after you with an axe . . . don’t.

I’m also considerate and sane enough that I don’t harass people with emails who have agreed to consider reading my book. Once I ask someone to take a look at my book, I leave them alone, and I will never contact them again, unless they contact me first with a question.

Also, I don’t even read reviews in the first place.

This blog exists to :

a) entertain readers with my dorkiness and allow them to get to know me as a person (my condolences)

b) allow me to vent (which might provide some amusement for you, dunno)

c) keep readers updated with news of events, giveaways, and free promos  (one day I will give away swag,  I swear)

d) provide an alternate way to contact me, because Goodreads can sometimes suck at letting me know someone has left a comment/left a message/ left a death threat.

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Why are there so many

songs about rainbows

and what’s on the other side?

Rainbows are visions,

but only illusions,

and rainbows have nothing to hide.

So we’ve been told and some choose to believe it

I know they’re wrong wait and see

Someday we’ll find it,

the rainbow connection

The lovers,

the dreamers . . .

and me.