yeah, I think I finally learned my lesson (third time’s the charm).

I’m coming to the slow realization that there are very few options for me when it comes to promoting my books as a self-published author.

Very few.

Especially considering the fact that my books present a wide array of marginalized voices.  People who say they want to help marginalized voices then turn around and shun indie authors, so it’s like I can’t win either way. There is always something someone has against me. Trying to find someone with zero prejudices has been like looking for a needle in a hackstack.

Where are all the decent human beings at???? Now you see why my characters make that joke in Project Mothership about “decent human beings” being something of a myth. It’s because, in our world of hatred, greed, violence, and anger, decent human beings are very hard to find.

And trying to find them is so tiring, I’ve stopped writing Light-year Lion for a while. I’m just too unhappy to write it, knowing that no one is going to read it because of X, Y, and Z and — at the same time — trying to live up the pressure of writing it well for the one or two people who expect so much from it. I suppose when I feel better again, I will finish the book.

Because on top of hunting for reviewers who aren’t bigots, I finally realized that people in general on Goodreads just can’t be trusted. Some wish to help indie authors and have good intentions but also don’t have a clue what they’re doing. I have the sneaking suspicion that half of them are teenagers running promotion blogs. No offense to teenagers, but people who interpret every neutrally written sentence as anger or an insult, people who don’t know how to run a giveaway, people who bash you for not having social media . . . tend to be fairly young.

I’ve existed a long time without social media. I can promote my books without Facebook and Twitter and I have every intention of doing so. So bashing me for not having social media? To me, it just shows your age, that you buy into a world where “omg can’t live without Facebook!” is the thing. In a couple years, it won’t even be Facebook anymore. It’ll be some other iteration of Myspace, where people go to post pictures of themselves taking a shit. You youngin’s remember Myspace?

Also, bashing me for having the comments off on my blog? That doesn’t make my blog “protected,” as I can still be contacted through the contact form. And also, maybe I have a good fucking reason for not wanting a horrid comments section full of bigotry, trolling, and hatred on my blog. Maybe I have a serious reason for asking people to please take their shittiness to my Goodreads or anywhere else but here.

It’s not just the internet, it’s real life, and if people behaving badly online didn’t matter, then WordPress wouldn’t have a feature allowing people to turn off comments in the first place. I have to deal with that crap everyday, so if the internet gives me an option to not deal with it at all, why not take it?

Also, blog posts that are very old automatically have the comments turned off on them, which is a feature you manually have to turn off (if you want to).

Comments being off doesn’t always have anything to do with the author themselves.

So that’s it for me.

  1. No more approaching people on Goodreads unless they already have an established reputation.
  2. No more approaching people on Goodreads.
  3. No more giveaways.
  4. No more free promotions.
  5. No more Kindle Select.

I will continue promoting my books the only way I can, long and tedious as it is: approach established book bloggers, get reviews to get on promotional websites, get on promotional websites, rinse and repeat.

Usually when I feel so depressed that I can’t write my own stuff, I start writing fan fiction instead. So you might find some fan fiction from me on my Wattpad soon.