why the entirian don’t shave their armpits (and also why I hate amazon)

In book 3 of The Prince of Qorlec, it’s mentioned that entirian women mostly wear bras for sports/fighting but normally don’t wear them, nor do they shave their legs and pits.

I’ve been thinking about this and thought I should share my thought-process behind what I did.

Because entirian society is supposed to be the mirror opposite of human society, I realized while writing The Suns of Anarchy that entirian women should probably have zero beauty standards.  This wasn’t an attempt to be feminist. This was an attempt to keep consistent with my established lore while also building a fictional culture that makes perfect sense within its confines.

It makes perfect sense because it’s the dominate, ruling class that often sets beauty standards, and because Qorlec is matriarchal, I can’t imagine their women setting standards that are oppressive to them and teach their daughters self-hate from a young age.

As a result, they have no beauty standards. Women can choose to wear bras or not wear bras and no one cares. Etcetera and so forth.

But because the men are also oppressed, there have clearly been standards set for them. We see this through Ckylar, Quinn’s husband, who is expected to have a nice chest, stomach, and back, and is also treated like a piece of meat for the duration of his life, until Quinn shows up on Anarchy and he is chosen to marry her.

At their wedding, Ckylar must once again conform to male standards of beauty, femininity, and purity and is slightly drunk because he is unhappy. I wish I had gone more into his psyche regarding his oppressive life on Qorlec and later on Anarchy. Maybe it’s something I can elaborate on in Book 4.

Speaking of which, Light-year Lion is still coming along. I stopped at page 267, in the chapter where we see General Phorott hold a coup against his brother and become emperor. I mean . . . that’s not a big spoiler. He’s evil and wishes to take control. I think anyone could see that coming a mile away.

Once Phorott becomes emperor, things become more difficult for Thalcu, who up to this point has been secretly helping Quinn and the Black Hand win the war.

As I said in earlier posts, LL is a long book (or at least I imagine it will be) and I want to get it right. So I’m taking my time and trying really hard to weave some kind of entertaining story. I imagine that when I’m through, it will be at around 367 pages. I am basically more than half-way finished with Book 4.

I’m also just really, really tired.  And by that I mean mentally exhausted. I have spent the last going-on five months connecting with book bloggers and begging people to please head over to Amazon and consider reading my book, only to have those reviews never make it to Amazon in the first place because Amazon is fucking paranoid and I despise them.

As if it weren’t hard enough finding readers when you’re self-published and a minority, Amazon just HAS to make my life a little bit harder. I have to actively fight oppression just to get someone to read my books, and Amazon is basically shooting me in the foot and laughing every time they do something to set me back.

And yes, being discriminated against even in regards to book reviews actively contributes to the same systems of oppression that drove me to self-publishing in the first place.

I am simply exhausted. I’m tired of asking people to please read my shit. I’m thinking that for the next couple months I will just do ebook giveaways in the hope that someone reads Project Mothership and likes the first book enough to review it and read the rest of the series.

Giveaways and paid promotions are all that’s in my future. I’m really sick of talking to people. And I think I might stop doing interviews with the book bloggers who read my books because Amazon seems to think I’m actually friends with these people (Me? Have friends? Lol, no) and that I actually know them.

It’s also pretty shitty that you can be penalized for giving a copy in exchange for an honest review. As if traditional publishing houses weren’t doing the same thing to get their reviews on Amazon.