can’t wait to drop kindle select, no more free promotions, no more bullshit

I find myself kind of hating Amazon more and more.

Yesterday, I decided to unenroll all my books from Kindle Select because — more often than not — people will borrow a book for free from the Kindle library and then never read it. And depending on how long or short the book is, when they do read it, I make less money than I would have if they’d just bought it in the first place.

It’s also really dumb that people can return books. You can read someone’s book, then get your money back. You get to read someone’s hard work for free. Why? You can’t buy a physical book, read it, and then return it. But apparently, you can do that with Kindle books because Amazon doesn’t give a shit about their authors.

This is what I meant when I said a while back that writers are the only creatives who people seem to feel perfectly justified treating like shit.

I am basically getting ripped off. For all my hard work, Kindle Select would have me earn pennies. The system *only* works if people actually read your book through to the end and if your book is actually long enough to make more than the amount you would have gotten had they just bought it.

That’s really shitty.

There are many other implications, of course but I won’t go into a rant against capitalism. Suffice it to say, Kindle Select sucks.

Giveaways also suck. Apparently, most people enter giveaways just for a freebie and then wind up never reading your book. And if they read, they don’t review it.

The only sure-fire way to get reviews is to ask book bloggers. And the only sure fire way to get on good book promotion websites is to have reviews.

It’s only been about five months, but I’m fucking sick of asking people for reviews. As a marginalized person, it is very wearisome, trying to find someone not so bigoted that they won’t read my book in the first place. Then maybe they’re not so racist/sexist/homophobic that they won’t read my book, but they still get into it and have a problem with some of the social commentary, because I guess they’re still racist/sexist/homophobic just a little bit.

I think I’m done doing free promotions too. From now on, I’m just going to focus on asking book bloggers for reviews (ugh) and trying to get my books on sites like BookBub and the like.

I’m done with KDP and all the free giveaway crap. I only have one book currently free from KDP’s chains, The Seaglass Stair. I’m thinking of revising it and putting it up for cheaper on Smashwords.

Without KDP, I’ll be able to branch out to Apple ibooks and reach other people with different devices. I wish I had done this months ago.


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