Light-year Lion Chargin Full Speed Ahead

By the way, the tag “lion girl” will refer to Book 4 Light-year Lion from now on on this blog. Additionally, “purple planet” refers to The Suns of Anarchy.

So currently I am in the middle of chapter 2 of book 4 of The Prince of Qorlec, and I already love writing it way more than The Suns of Anarchy.

I think I didn’t like writing SoA because it’s basically a transition book. You know when you get to that point in a series where you might read a book that is basically an explanation of how other stuff happened?

Like reading Mercedes Lackey’s Herald trilogy and you get to the middle book, which is basically about the main character’s training?

That’s SoA.

The Suns of Anarchy is basically about how Quinn became married and went through training and how she wound up getting captured by the Zeverec again, this time through her own actions and the failures of General Miora combined.

I say it was kinda General Miora’s fault (but not really) because she had been trying to prevent what eventually happened for years. She had a fallback plan in place, planet evacuations, etc, but she also knew that once the Zeverec came to Anarchy, there would really be no stopping them.

Light-year Lion has been more fun to write so far. There are a lot more characters in this book, with at least two new characters narrating events. Quinn gets a new love interest and new friends, Thalcu becomes a queen and starts a fierce battle of politics with General Phorott (because she’s a “strong female character” who doesn’t need an M16 and a pair of pants to be strong), Varzo gets to play babysitter to various Quinn-spawn, and we will travel to different alien worlds with Quinn as she gathers allies.

That’s the outline right now. As I always say, I could change my mind. I’m really looking forward to finishing book 4 and I hope I’m happier with it than I was with The Suns of Anarchy.  

Writing The Prince of Qorlec has been really fun so far. I just worry that there’s no one out there who would really understand and enjoy my books. Those at the same time would be great. I fear these books were written for an audience that just isn’t there.