Write Book 3 of The Prince of Qorlec — Check

Finished the first draft of The Suns of Anarchy tonight. It’s about the same length as The Harvest.  About 325 pages, so a little shorter.

I’m going to start revising, and when I’m done it’ll likely be a few more pages longer. I think it wound up being shorter because I deviated so much from the original outline.

Originally, most of the book was going to be about Quinn training at Canas to become a great warrior. Then I realized writing about her training made me really, really unhappy. It was so difficult to write, I had to leave it all within one moderately long chapter (instead of several chapters) and then move the story forward.

Other things were also cut, like some events that happened in the prisoner of war camp to Thalcu, Varzo, and Mercy. There was originally a coup among the guards against the captain but I changed my mind and decided I didn’t want to write it. Now that I’ve finished the first draft, I might change my mind again and put those events back in, but I doubt it. Those events really aren’t necessary or even entertaining, to be honest.

I also wound up cutting out most of the stuff regarding Avatar, the faction of entirian who are actually against Quinn leading the war effort. That, too, wound up being a moderately brief chapter.

I’m not very happy with this book. I had fun writing it, but I don’t feel like it’s really that great. Maybe I didn’t have as much fun because it’s a tad darker than the other books. I’ve called this series a “humorous science fiction” series, but this is not The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. While the story is mostly humorous, there are still some very dark moments. And because Quinn is fighting a war, it just gets darker and darker. But I intend for the humor to stay there.

To be clear, I don’t feel like The Suns of Anarchy is a bad book. I feel like I failed to live up to what I wanted to do with it, and instead of being something I’m proud of, it’s just meh, a so-so book, and I walk away from it with the attitude of, “I’ll do better next time.”

I also wrote the book waaaay faster than I anticipated that I would. I thought I wouldn’t have a first draft until May, at least. Now that I’ve got a draft, I can sit down and revise. Maybe next week or the end of this week, it’ll be for sale up on Amazon.

When it is, I will then start working on my new epic fantasy series, which is humorous like PoQ but unlike PoQ, it stays humorous because it’s basically just a bunch of stories about the random adventures of these friends.

I intend to write one book for the new epic fantasy series in-between each book for PoQ. It’ll be a challenge and hopefully, it’ll be very fun.

Wish me luck.

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