you tried to hack me? how cute

I’m not going to schedule this post, so it’s going up in real time, out of order with my scheduled posts. I don’t care.

You know that saying “don’t poke a sleeping dragon in the eye?” Yeah. Fuck with me, hackers. We’ll see how this goes for you.

To explain my rambling, someone tried to hack into my old Outlook email. Someone in California. Outlook was kind enough to tell me and I changed my password to something really long and really hard (snort).

This must be the same person who’s been stalking me since I joined Goodreads, trying to scam me out of money with their “book promotion.” I’m guessing they didn’t like it when I told them to fuck off in that old post of mine, so they tried to hack me, in which case they can still fuck off.

In other news, I finished Chapter 5 of The Suns of Anarchy bk3 from PoQ tonight, which is about Thalcu’s imprisonment in a POW camp. She gets separated from Varzo and Mercy, so the next chapter will be about Varzo and Mercy slaving in the prison picking beans and getting whipped and the trouble they get into (right now, some murder is involved).

The side plot I made for the side characters is pretty interesting (at least to me) and I feel kinda crappy that my side characters are still more interesting than Quinn, the friggin main character.

Hopefully, I can change that by coming up with some really interesting stuff for when Quinn finally goes off to Canas to train as a soldier. There she will be picked on by everyone, even her trainers, because she’s the princess of Qorlec and a lot of them feel that still having an autocracy after thousands of years is bad. Quinn, ironically, feels the same — mostly because of Thalcu.

I just hope I can pull it off. . . . sigh.

At the same time, I’ve been struggling with the temptation to start working on yet another series of mine. I told myself I wouldn’t work on it at least until I’d written the first four books in The Prince of Qorlec series. But I keep having these ideas and dreams.

I been having them since last Christmas. After Christmas break I kept having these ideas for different novels. I wrote them down and kept the ideas together. Then a couple weeks ago, I realized all the ideas should be one series.

I’m really hyped to write it, the problem is making the covers. I think with this new series I’ll stick to something very simple — like a texture background with a symbol. Mostly because finding good stock for fantasy books is really, really hard and fantasy books require awesome covers to ever sell — which is why all my fantasy books like A Time of Darkness don’t sell because they have shitfuck covers and I’ve given up on the covers for the time being (after going through about six different ones).

I think the books in this new series will have catchy enough titles that people might want to read them despite a less than professional cover. I hope, anyway.

I know people like to lecture self-published authors all day about how a “serious” author will pay for a cover, but for most self-published authors, paying 640 bucks for nine covers is not an option (that’s my rent, dude) so I have to do what I can myself. Maybe buying a cover is good for people who plan to only write one or two books, but writing is my life’s blood.

That’s not a fucking cliche or something. I love to write and I’ll probably have upwards of thirty books on Amazon by next year at this rate. Have you noticed how quick I been popping them out? Most are old books that were already written, but some are brand new. Who is going to pay for the covers of my thirty books? Are you? No. Then don’t lecture me about my covers, lol.

I do the best the I can with what I got. It’s all I can do. One day I probably will buy covers for A Time of Darkness, but not any time soon. I doubt I’ll even finish that series any time soon because it’s so frustrating to write.

The Prince of Qorlec, though, I’ll probably finish that this year. Especially considering that it’s so hella fun to write. If I continue writing a chapter a day, I’ll be done with the series by the end of the summer.