are we there yet?

Finished Chapter 6 of SoA and . . . I don’t like it.

It’s basically the chapter that chronicles Varzo and Mercy’s hellish time in the POW prison. Some things need to be tweaked, like some of the guards need to be meaner for maximum effect later. The entire sequence should have really just been longer.

It’s the chapter where Varzo has her turn being manipulated by General Miora. Unlike everyone else, she’s foolish enough to actually talk back and suffers the consequences of that.

I really do enjoy writing General Miora. She has the unfortunate task of forcing these teenage kids — the future rulers and leaders of her people — to suck it up and put duty before personal interest. Thus, Quinn and Thalcu despise Miora because she puts her foot down and keeps them apart, while Varzo despises Miora for using her like a tool and blackmailing her into protecting Quinn, who she comes to love as a friend anyway.

On top of being hated by the same people she’s helping, General Miora has to live with the fact that Quinn, her own flesh and blood, is closer to Zita than her.

Yeah, General Miora is a fun character. I don’t exactly have it written in stone what I’m going to do with her. But Quinn is on the hero’s journey so . . . You know what usually happens to mentors.

I realized today that the book is almost two hundred pages and that I need to stop goofing around and get to the main plot — which is Quinn’s mission to rescue her mother after training at Canas.

Because I need to move things along, I think I’m going to have her training at Canas be all of one chapter. Then the rest of the book will focus on her making the journey to save Rose.

Some small, dismal part of me feels like this series is going to be hard to sell just because it’s so blatantly erotic. And it is. But at the same time, there isn’t nearly enough sex for it to be called erotica (at least not in my opinion). The stories don’t revolve around sex, they just don’t ignore sex either.

So that’s the plan. After Chapter 7, I need to jump directly to Canas and the events there, wrap this shit up, and then get to the story (rescuing Rose) that actually moves the main plot forward.

Goals, goals, goals.