Movin’ Right Along (The Suns of Anarchy, book 3 of The Prince of Qorlec)

Timestamp — 4/8/2017

Been writing book 3 The Suns of Anarchy, and I’ve gotten to 70 pages so far, without even reaching chapter 3 yet.

As I mentioned in the past, my goal with The Prince of Qorlec is to write full-length novels that are each at least 400 pages or something damn close to it. The first book was just an intro to the rest of the series.

The first two chapters of SoA are basically about how Quinn met her future husband. She has to get married and have a child to continue the Miora royal bloodline and is tricked into setting aside her love for Thalcu by General Miora.

Though the first two chapters focus almost entirely on Quinn and her husband-to-be getting to know each other (Quinn has no idea he’s betrothed to her, though, and he isn’t allowed to tell her), the chapters are really about revealing who General Miora is.

The general is introduced in The Harvest as a cold and borderline psychotic pragmatist. In The Suns of Anarchy, we see how far she is willing to go to push Quinn to do what she deems is necessary for Qorlec. It is necessary that Quinn forget Thalcu and go on with her “destiny” to become empress of Qorlec, so the general manipulates Quinn and her husband into coming to care for each other and depend on each other. At the same time, she also manipulates Varzo by holding Mercy captive (at least that ‘s the plan right now, I might change my mind).

It’s been amusing to write Quinn’s husband. He’s an interesting character, and through him, I have explored the lore and built upon the entirian culture. Through his eyes, we see how entirian men are subjugated and how shitty it is.

We also learn more about General Miora yet again in the way she treats Quinn’s husband. Varzo accuses the general and all entirian women of being sexist in The Harvest, but then we get to SoA and we learn that the general is not sexist, she just lives in a sexist society and must navigate it according to its rules.

So far, one half of the story is about Quinn becoming the Light-year Lion (which is the name of the next book) and the hero who helps her people start winning the war. The other half of the book is about Thalcu’s imprisonment on Anarchy alongside Mercy, who sort of becomes her best friend.