saving the world with paperclips and string

After recently finishing The Harvest, I realized tonight that I love having my characters defeat their enemies with something simple and unexpected.

If you get to the end of one of my novels, expect the hero to defeat the villain with a pencil in the eye or whatever the hell is lying around. Or they might use something simple that was presented earlier.

To get spoilerific, Rigg from The Thieves of Nottica and Thalcu from The Harvest both do this at the end of their respective stories.

It’s hilarious to me that things so small and seemingly harmless could be so deadly. It’s basically a subtle statement about all my non-masculine, non-warrior female heroes.

Thalcu is the most feminine woman in the book, and yet she is the one who constantly carries the plot forward, saves Quinn, saves the day, and sets everything in motion, while all the masculine women and men around her are only reacting her to chaos.

I love that about Thalcu. I plan to have a lot of fun with her in Book 3 of The Prince of Qorlec. In that book, Quinn gets a new love interest — which is forced on her for a certain ritual — and there’s tension about that while at the same time, Quinn has to fight for the respect of her people, who don’t even view her as a real entirian.


It’s really sad to have so much fun writing these books knowing that no one is reading them and enjoying them. It’s not that I don’t take steps to find readers, it’s that I know it’s something that will probably take a really long time.

Ah well. Hopefully, I have time to wait.