I’m so excited (and I just can’t hide it)

I’mma bout to lose control and I think I like it!

Finished Chapter 8 today (as of 4/2/2017) and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

After one of my last posts where I pondered what flaws to give Quinn, I finally decided to give Quinn the flaw of being reckless. You can do a lot with a reckless character, especially if they’re stubborn to boot, and Quinn has proven a little pigheaded thus far. She has caused a lot to happen in the book simply because she keeps rushing into danger.

The next step is to decide why she’s reckless. Is she really that foolish? Is she over confident? I like the over-confident thing. Might go with that.

Quinn often does things immediately and without thinking, and Thalcu is often the voice of reason, grabbing her arm and going, “Whoa, wait, are you nuts?”  It’s going to be interesting once Thalcu and Quinn are separated to see how Quinn’s recklessness screws her over.

I love Thalcu’s function in The Harvest. 

The Harvest is basically the book where the culture of the zonbiri and zonbiri characters is explored (book three will focus more on the entirian), and so Thalcu is a major character. She is actually the person who keeps setting everything in motion. Things happen because of her actions, which in turn presents challenges to Quinn, who in turn rises to the challenge.

Thalcu basically sets ’em up and Quinn knocks ’em down.

Later in the book, Quinn takes charge of the narrative and becomes more proactive, causing things to happen instead of reacting to Thalcu’s messes.

Originally, Zita was going to be in book 3, but I’ve come to the realization that Quinn will never get to really know her aunt so long as Zita is around. Rest assured that I have no desire to kill off a bunch of queer women (in fact, I avoid that most of the time), and I like Zita a lot so her fate will just remain a mystery for a couple books after book 2.

Basically, Zita needs to be moved out of the way so that General Miora can get close to Quinn and become her mentor in book 3. There are many ways to do this, none of which will involve killing Zita.

However, people die in every book. Not just nameless disposable characters (though I do lampoon that trope a bit). I intend do this just to show that these characters really are at war and the danger is real. I expect many characters to fall off the radar and for Quinn to believe they are dead. Everyone’s fate should be revealed by the end of the series, though.

I am really excited about writing The Prince of Qorlec. I haven’t had this much fun writing a series in, god, what? Years. I feel a real excitement as a progress toward that first final draft of The Harvest. Right now, I am at page 220, so I’m half-way to my goal of 400 pages.

Once The Harvest is written, polished, and published, I will start marketing The Prince of Qorlec series. This is why I need reviews for the first book so badly. I don’t want to bother running a free promotion on a book that has zero reviews because then people will be less inclined to bother reading it.

I don’t trust books without reviews. Why should I expect anyone else to?

My current goal for Project Mothership is to get at least ten people interested in reading it and reviewing. So ten reviews.