Dear Book Promotion Scammers

I doubt this will stop you harassing me, but at this point I’ll try anything. So here goes.

Leave me the fuck alone. 

I do not want your “help” promoting my book. I know it’s a scam, and even if it’s isn’t, it is still a violation of my privacy to snatch my email off a website and use it to harass me (you are seriously not going to get any customers by annoying people).

Long after I block you everywhere else, you still find some way to annoy me.

Somehow I knew I would regret posting my email publicly in a goodreads group  (but those were the rules so it’s what I had to do in order to sign up).

What did you do? Go down the list of self-published authors who posted in the group and just email everyone? For fuck’s sake.

Do you really think self-published authors are so stupid that we’ll just hand you our money because you say our book looks like a “masterpiece”?

Um, no. No, we aren’t that stupid. And we aren’t that desperate.

And I’m not laboring under any delusions that I have written any “masterpiece.”  You are not going to flatter 60 bucks out of me.

Please fuck off and die.


Ash Gray

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