Hello, girls and bugs! In case I need to say it again or you just like reading it over and over today I’m featuring Jane and Ederlyn, the authors behind paranormal novel, Reborn.

Jane Ederlyn

I have to say it’s pretty amazing whenever I see a team of authors actually working together.  We writers are notoriously some of the most obnoxious, vain, jealous, petty, competitive people — mostly because the publishing industry is such a competitive world. Unlike actors and musicians, it often seems as though writers are rewarded more highly by our corporate masters when we work alone. So to see two authors working together is always pretty dang cool.

Also, who doesn’t love vampires? At least at one time in their life? They’re powerful, magical, scary, charismatic, and — depending on who’s writing them — sexy as hell. So if you’re looking to add another vamp stamp to your collection, check out Reborn. 

With no further ado, please hit the “keep reading” thingummy and follow me inside for the interview.


Q) How did you get started in writing?

Jane: We have both been writing for as long as we can remember. One day I suggested we try something together… so we started asking each other what if. The question and answer volley kept building and before we knew it, we had characters and a story.

Ederlyn: When you’re writing, you spend a lot of time with characters that are only in your head. The thought of sharing the characters with your BFF was great. But the final test came when Jane received a J.Crew catalogue and left it for me to find. When I saw the cover, I was excited because the model resembled how I visualized our heroine. Of course Jane thought so too. That day we knew this writing together thing would work. Not only did the characters feel real to both of us, but we were both imagining them the same. 🙂

Q) Who is your favorite character?

Jane: Our vampire heroine, Marie.

Ederlyn: I love them all. But if I had to choose…my favorite would be Marie with Abby, her human descendant, a close second.

Q) Who is your favorite author?

Jane: The first vampire novels I read were the Saint-Germain chronicles by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. They have a special place in my heart. Other favorites include Anne Rice, Laura Griffin, and who doesn’t love Jane Austen? (Though I will confess that I prefer the movies. Colin Firth!) But my favorite is Jane Ederlyn. LOL.

Ederlyn:  I can’t pick just one. My favorites include Charlaine Harris, Anne Rice, Diana Gabaldon, Heather Graham, and Jane Austen (books, film, everything).

Q) When do you usually write?

Jane:  Our most rewarding creativity occurs while driving. Yes, while driving! We don’t even fight it anymore. We don’t know what ignites the creativity, but when we get into a car our brains spark and go. Thank goodness for Siri voice recorded notes and laptops. And thank goodness we drive a lot. But no worries, safety first.

Ederlyn:  We do have a normal office, but it’s a work in progress. It’s currently full of boxes of books waiting for us to buy new bookshelves. When we’re not driving…we write on the sofa with a laptop mirrored on the television. We also like to write outside on the pool deck…there might be sangria or a frozen drink involved at that point.

Q) Do you listen to music while writing? Yes. If so what?

Jane:  We do listen to music when we write. It’s important to our process—sets the tone, feeds inspiration, knits everything together. We have book playlists with songs for scenes, characters, and overall.

Ederlyn:  Sometimes a track becomes so associated with the book that it becomes a trigger and just turning it on tells our brain it’s time to write. For Reborn that was: Vampire, Myon & Shane 54 featuring Carrie Skipper from A State of Trance 2008/Armin Van Buuren. We have the full music playlist on our website at: http://janeederlyn.com/music/.

For our sequel, Return, we’re listening to a different mix of Vampire and the Legend of Tarzan version of Better Love by Hozier.

Q) What books have most influenced your life?

Jane: For me it was Interview with a Vampire. I grew up watching vampires on film and loved them. When I discovered Yarbro and Rice…it felt like a whole world opened up to me.

Ederlyn: I’d have to say Dead Until Dark. I’ve loved reading my entire life but somehow fell into a reading slump until my sister insisted that I read the Southern Vampire Series. I wasn’t getting around to them fast enough so she bought me copies of all of them (four at the time) and guilted me into reading. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I owe her and Charlaine Harris for getting my reading mojo back.

Q) What are you passionate about these days?

Jane: Currently I’m obsessed with muesli and it’s become part of my weekend writing routine. And if you’ve seen us on Twitter, you’ll know I’m obsessing over Alexander Skarsgard, preferably dressed (or undressed) as Tarzan. In my defense, Alexander did play a vampire. 😉

Ederlyn: LOL. Yes, she is. I guess when you ask a writer that…the answer is usually a character from a favorite story or a work in progress. My continuing passion is Mr. Darcy. He may just pop up in one of our books. 😉

Thank you for having us!

You are welcome, Jane and Ederlyn. One more question . . . which one of you is the vampire and which one the mortal slave? Just kidding. 

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That’s it and stay tuned for more interviews from the Dragon’s Cave!