Hope You Liked Qorth (and if you hated it, at least it was free)

This is the last day Qorth is free, then it goes back to having that 2.99 barrier that no one seems to want to get past. I hope people who read it enjoyed it. I hope people who did or didn’t enjoy it still feel a blazing desire to let the world know. I want people to talk about Qorth. A book that is talk-worthy has fucking achieved something. If no one talks about Qorth, then it achieved nothing, because it didn’t even grab you enough to make you say it sucked. I just realized I don’t care.

I’ve been doing some reading, and the hatred  for self-published books runs deeper than I ever realized. So I see why people wouldn’t want to risk even three dollars buying Qorth. People are afraid of bad formatting, bad editing, poorly structured stories and just all-around bad storytelling.

I get it. I’m a reader too. I know what it’s like to get stuck with a book on your shelf that you can’t get rid of. Once you buy a book, it’s realllly hard to get rid of it again. Selling it online sucks because shipping costs so much nowadays. I think I believed in miracles the day I found a Bookman’s. I mean, a book store that let’s you buy and trade books? Holy shit.

And because most writers are either awful at the craft or awful people or — lord help us — both combined, I’m often hesitant to read someone I don’t know. This is why giveaways and free promotions are such useful tools: it gives an author a chance to gain an audience’s trust free of charge.

I didn’t come here just to talk about Qorth, though. I came here to talk about the new Dear Reader section I put at the end of every book now.

The point of the “Dear Reader” section is to provide background and further information about the story you just read. It is also my chance to get on my knees and sob “PLEASE GOD LEAVE A REVIEW!” knowing that the five hundred people who read my book will see my pleas and coldly ignore them.

The Dear Reader section isn’t an attempt to garner your sympathies by boohooing about how much the publishing world sucks. It’s a place where I tell you the story of how the book was made and what kind of journey it underwent before it wound up on Amazon. Sometimes those things are interesting, and who knows? Maybe someone who reads about the time my book was sent back to me with “this is crap” scribbled in the margins might be able to commiserate and also discover that they aren’t alone.

I know that in some of my books, the Dear Reader section became a place where I ranted about how much I hate traditional publishing. I have gone back and removed the more ranty, complainy paragraphs and I will be careful not to let my resentment get the better of me again.

As I said on another post here, I have to deal with discrimination every day, and sometimes my frustration leaks out in bad places. I’ll be careful in the future. Because contrary to what the establishment (and my dragon gimmick) will have you believe, I am a human being. I’m a person. I get tired and frustrated like you. I make mistakes.

In other news, I wrote a great deal of Book 2 from The Prince of Qorlec series today. I’m starting to feel better about the series, even though there’s this voice at the back of my head telling me I’m crap and that it could be ten times better if it were written by someone else.

Ah well.