I Hate Wraethuthu Part 2 (aka I don’t need a flower penis to get off)

Okay so look at this analysis I found today

Apparently, there is a female version of Wraeththu revealed at the very end of the series, as if Constantine knew she’d been called out on her shit so she added some women at the end  and went, “See? I don’t have a disdain for all things woman!”

But then the female Wraeththu are totally desexualized. I guess queer women and queer women having sex is so disgusting that she couldn’t even mention in passing that they did it. So the male Wraeththu — just like in real life — are allowed to be sexual and express themselves fully. But women are supposed to have no sexuality.

I dunno. If she can’t handle queer women as much as she seems so perfectly fine with writing about queer men (who she basically just wrote about because she fetishes them), then she shouldn’t be writing about queer women at all. 

I just have this feeling of: How dare you! How dare you first write a bunch of self-loathing misogynistic bullshit in which being attracted to women is expressed as something gross and wrong, in which every female character is a self-loathing slug or an irrelevant side kick, and then you have the GALL to pander to us by throwing in some queer women at the last minute and going, “Oh they exist too.” No. Nuh uh. Fuck you. Unrionically, fuck you.

This is the typical case of a self-loathing straight woman fetishing male gay sex but being disturbed by female gay sex, and you aren’t fooling anyone, Storm Constantine. No, you aren’t.

And rather than write this in anger, I am writing this in sadness, shock, and anger. Because it hurts that I, a queer woman, have been brushed off as irrelevant and disgusting yet again by someone else. It’s hurts that someone I admired and looked up to could be the person to do this to me.

I keep wanting to hurl your stupid book out the window, Storm Constantine. It’s heartbreaking that a world written with such beautiful descriptions and characters was not written for me or even for the gay men they feature. This book was written for straight homophobic women just like you, who fetish gay men and want to fantasize about having flower dicks because you never properly learned how to you use your PUSSY and I pity you.

EDIT: I bought a bunch of her books to read over the summer and now I just can’t do it. I put them all away in a cabinet. And now I’m just sitting here on the verge of tears, wondering what I should read now.