BOOM! Take THAT Kindle!

Tonight I went through Qorth and manually (painfully, slowly) removed all the dreaded tabs that were destroying my precious kindle formatting. The book should now show up in Kindle correctly.

If ONLY I knew about tabs and how they can mess up kindle files BEFORE I tried marketing my books. Every time I think of all the book bloggers who likely opened my book in Kindle and found a mess . . . I die a little inside.

My books aren’t that horribly formatted. They mostly have bad tabs. With Qorth finished, now I’ll have to set aside time to reformat the other four (sigh) books.

But this is great news. I finally figured out what works. And my formatting was mostly messed up because I was using an online converter to create mobi files from pdfs files, which was only screwing my formatting even more.

I started using Mobipocket creator to make mobis from prc files and life is good again.