So okay. I was looking at As The World Falls Down on Youtube, and I came to this realization.

Remember in my other post, I said Jareth was living inside Sarah’s head and knew that as soon as she grew up, he would stop existing. The song “Within You” is about how afraid he is of this happening.

So I realized, the ultimate goal of the goblin king is to keep Sarah suspended in a coma so that she will stay at the crossroads of child and woman forever . . . thus allowing him to live forever.

During the ballroom sequence, we can see how he and his cohorts try to trap and trick her into staying asleep. Everything is dreamy and hazy because Sarah is being dragged deeper into her dreams by the roofie peach she was slipped.

The ballroom sequence is Jareth trying to keep Sarah asleep and trapped at the maturity of a child so that he can selfishly continue to exist.

Yeah. That is awesome. I’m totally writing some kind of novel based on this some time this year.