Yes, I’m aware that Cayman blue iguanas are endangered and thus it’s illegal to own them.

It is, however, legal to own a hybrid (look at this website here) or a green iguana with a blue mutation. It’s risky to buy the mutated ones because they often don’t keep the blue color, but I’d be willing to take the risk.


If I can manage to raise the money, I’ll be buying a blue iguana from here

I’ve owned several lizards throughout my life and green iguanas are some of the best reptile pets to have, in my humble opinion. Not only do they live a very long time, but they are great cuddly buddies. I’ve had some really sweet iguana pets.

I’ve also raised a few cats, rats, and other assorted animals. But my favorite animals by far are horses and reptiles.

I had a bearded dragon once for fifteen years and loved him to pieces. He passed away about six years ago. I really miss having a lizard buddy, so I’ve opened a patreon to help me raise the funds. The real focus is supporting my writing, but most of what I earn from my writing goes to two things: 1) marketing my books 2) my fund for a new pet lizard.

If I get this lizard, I’ll take good care of it. There’s no question. I’ve had my turtle for twenty years, since she was a hatchling, and she eats better than me. This blue iguana will be well-cared for.