Stop Spamming Me

It’s so annoyingly ironic that all the revisions I uploaded for Tales of Talithia would be approved one day AFTER the free promotion is over.

One of the annoying things about writing anything erotic is that it takes longer to review. Like Amazon is scared erotic romance writers are uploading kiddy porn or something. Thankfully, TOT is the first and last erotica I’ll be doing in a long, long time (the five books in the series will not be erotica but will have erotic elements).

I really made this post to wonder why I keep being robot-spammed with book scams on my Goodreads page. Just because I’m self-published doesn’t mean I’m desperate or stupid. I’m not going to waste my money on scams and there are very few marketing packages I trust to actually *work.*

Please stop spamming me. I’m not easy prey and I guarantee you won’t be getting my money. And if you don’t stop, I’ll have to move beyond blocking you and report your spambot to the librarians here. Because I’ve had it.